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The Storm-Tite bus window series are hidden frame windows; also commonly referred to as bonded windows, frame-less bus windows,  flush bus windows and European transit style windows.

Our signature Storm-Tite brand Flush Window Series was designed to address the needs of the more style-conscious fleet operators that place a high-value on-road appeal. This line of frame-less bus windows provide a streamlined appearance to create an aerodynamic and visually appealing effect that is truly impressive on the road.

With an exterior comprised entirely of tempered or laminated glass, these bonded transit windows do not include the use of painted metal panels that are susceptible to fading from environmental exposure. For more information on different glass materials, and factors that can affect the window appearance and performance visit our Window Glazing Options page. 

All Storm-Tite Flush Windows are built and tested in accordance with FMVSS 217 guidelines with materials that conform to the applicable requirements of ANSI Z26.1 and the recommended practices defined in SAE J673. To learn more about glazing standards visit our Window Glazing Options page. Our Quality and Testing page provides a summary of the rigorous product testing our windows go through to ensure the highest quality window for your transit fleet. 






Bus Window Glazing

  • Gray, 9% LT
  • Gray, 44% LT
  • Green, 75% LT
  • Azuria, 68% LT
  • Clear, 89% LT
  • Heat Guard Glazing and Thermoguard available on all tempered glass configurations
  • Gray, 13% LT
  • Gray, 50% LT
  • Green, 79% LT
  • Azuria, 72% LT
  • Clear, 89% LT
  • Heat Guard Glazing and Thermoguard available on all tempered glass configurations
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Window Graffiti Protection

Graffiti Shield – Glass Shield multi-layer film

Single-Layer 0.006″ Vandalshield (VS-12 or equivalent)

Multi-Layer Vandalshield (3M Scotchgard 1004 or equivalent)

1/8″ Sacrificial acrylic liners

Product Configurations

Passenger Windows

Tip-in over Fixed

The tip-in over fixed window has a cut-out in the top third of the window which can be opened to let in fresh air.

Fixed over Fixed

The fixed over fixed window has two solid fixed pieces of glazing that provide the illusion of a tip-in window.

Full Fixed

The full fixed window assembly is a solid piece of glazing with no opening options.

Driver Windows

Fixed over Slider

The fixed over slider window has a fixed upper portion and a lower sliding section, which can be opened via a front sliding sash or a front and rear-sliding sash. This design is recommended for taller window openings that do not permit a full slider design.

Dual Slider

The dual slider transit bus window can be opened via a front and rear sliding sash.

Full Slider

The full slider transit bus window can be opened via a front sliding sash or rear sliding sash.

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