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Designed for low-floor and coach buses, our Luma Integrated Windows Series  are windows that integrate directly into the structural opening of the bus reducing installation labor, materials, and cost. 

Product Features:

  • Suited for installation into structural openings with square corners and for bus interior designs that are intended to be finished without a window clampring.
  • Hinge system can be integrated into structure or attached separately.
  • Latch and retention mechanisms mount directly to structural opening.
  • Available with single pane and dual pane insulated glass options in full fixed configurations. 
  • Available in egress and non-egress configurations.
  • Superior weather tight design utilizes premium fasteners and hardware.
  • Black or clear Class 1 anodized frame finishes are standard with no unfinished surfaces.
  • Built and tested in accordance with FMVSS 217 guidelines with materials that conform to the applicable requirements of ANSI Z26.1 and the recommended practices defined in SAE J673. To learn more product testing visit our Quality and Testing page.
  • For more information on different glass materials, and factors that can affect the window appearance and performance visit our Window Glazing Options page.

Full Fixed Window

Interior full fixed window with egress release at sill

Structure integrated hinge

Rotary latch on egress configuration

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