Metal Fabrication & Assemblies

AROW Global Limited has earned a reputation as an industry leader in custom metal fabrication. Our experience, knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and facility allow us to design and build precision metal products that serve a wide range of industries including automotive, electrical-mechanical, transit, and agriculture. We excel at partnering with customers ranging from OEMs and tier-one suppliers to local shops and smaller projects, with a focus on service every day.

Choose AROW and you can expect:

  • Complete manufacturing services.
  • Precision parts manufactured to your exact specifications.
  • Competitive pricing on all types of projects, from prototype to production.
  • Professionally trained Engineering and Production team. 
  • Finishing services, including anodizing, sanding, paint, and powder coating.
  • Next business day turnaround for most quote requests.

Complex Assemblies

Our capabilities range from small bench work to large components. We have experience with welded, spot-welded, bonded, taped, and mechanical assemblies ranging from low to high quantities and from simple to complex. We offer welded and pressed-in hardware of all kinds and can provide coatings, gaskets, insulation, latches, hinges, and graphics.

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Contract Manufacturing

We are eager to be a part of your success, whether you are looking for build-to-print services or help to go from conceptual idea to production part. When you work with us you can count on: 

  • In-house manufacturing capabilities 
  • Experience and expertise 
  • A quality product every time 
  • Confidentiality 
  • Best in-class responsiveness 
  • Projects delivered on time and on budget
  • Production flexibility 

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JIT/Kitting Services

We support an array of Original Equipment Manufacturers with kitting and JIT services to support maximum efficiency on assembly lines.  We have experience utilizing customer-supplier reusable racking, and in designing/manufacturing new reusable racking while collaborating with customers.

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AROW offers a high-quality metal laser cutting service. Our metal laser cutting services support a variety of metal materials. CNC laser cutting is one of our core strengths. Laser technology is perfect for cutting all kinds of shapes, holes or any other precision cuts. With several years of experience, we can cut high quality edges and make superior quality parts within a short time frame.

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Form & Stamping

AROW offers a variety of equipment and capabilities from basic to 400-ton forming and 350-ton stamping. No matter what the complexity or material, we can handle your project.

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AROW embraces challenging projects while meeting rigorous international standards, including AWS and CWB, as a world-class supplier.
We have extensive experience with MIG, TIG, and resistance welding on steel, stainless steel and aluminum substrates.

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For Inquiries and Quote Requests Contact

Tom Klos, Director of Sales

P. 715.693.6020 ext. 244

[email protected]