Off-Highway Vehicles

AROW Global specializes in the design and manufacturing of window systems. If you are an original equipment manufacturer looking for a strategic supply chain partner in North America, look no further than AROW Global.

Our team focuses on delivering exceptional customer service from the first meeting through to delivery. We believe in establishing cross-functional partnerships with our customers throughout the solution life-cycle to build strong relationships among all functional areas including service, sales, engineering, and manufacturing.

Envision Window Series

The Envision window by AROW is ideal for operators looking for a window that is easy to operate, easy to clean and won’t get in the way of their work.

This new window is designed with a removable sash making window maintenance and cleaning a simple task.

This model series utilizes the same superior water management system that is typical for AROW Global products and combines a simple, high-performance design with attractive interior and exterior aesthetics.

Product Features Include:

  • An operator is able to effortlessly open the window by rotating the latch handle in an upward motion and sliding the sash to the desired location.
  • Rotating the latch handle down locks the window in place.
  • With the latch handle in the lock position, the projection of the latch into the interior of the vehicle is kept to a minimum.
  • The spring-loaded latch retention bar prevents the slider sash from jumping out of the PVC track during operation of the vehicle.
  • With the retention bar depressed, the sash can be lifted up and removed for cleaning.

Custom Window Design

AROW Global is constantly seeking out new markets and window applications. Through close customer partnerships and strategic design initiatives, we have developed systems specifically suited to the needs of specific customers. When it comes to glazing and window systems, AROW knows no boundaries.

Visit our Custom Window Design page for more information.

Manufacturing & Design Capabilities

AROW Global has a strong dedication to innovation, particularly in product design and manufacturing processes, we encourage you to contact us about designing product.

Our facilities have invested heavily in state of the art equipment, expert operations, and an in-house Machine Development Center.

Off-highway manufacturing capabilities brochure

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