COVID-19 Response

Over the last several weeks, our world has completely changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although transit ridership is down across North America, there are still millions of people that rely on the transit system every day. In 2012 when we developed the AROWGuard Driver Protection System (DPS) our goal was to shield bus operators from physical attacks. Now we see our DPS units protecting bus operators from an even deadlier biological threat.

Recently Metrolinx, one of Ontario’s largest providers of public transportation reached out looking for a quick solution to retrofit 180 buses in their fleet. In less than two weeks our engineering and production teams worked together and were able to deliver 20 prototype units to Metrolinx, and have the remaining 160 units in production.

Feedback from this project has been very positive so far. In the Metrolinx April 16, 2020 blog post a driver was quote as saying:

“This is going to be great for drivers,…I feel more comfortable. I really do. I like it….I love it, it’s beautiful,…You’re going to get an A-plus from everybody for this.”
– GO Transit bus operator Mike Kopac

With bus drivers putting their lives at risk every day, the AROW team continues to work non-stop with their partners to supply the market with DPS units.

To learn more about our AROWGuard Driver Protection System visit the AROWGuard product page.